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What some of our clients are saying:

Participating in Incompass Effect's mindfulness practices over the past six years has improved my leadership style and reduced my stress levels at work and home.  My team benefited from my improved attitude at work. Personally, I've used Vivek's teachings to ease a recent job transition and reduce the stress from welcoming a new baby! Vivek's teachings and Incompass Effect's heart focused methods have enabled me to reduce stress, improve my work-life balance, and easily deal with major life events. Before meeting Vivek, I was unsuccessfully trying to implement my own mindfulness practice by reading books and using apps.

Incompass Effect helped me "make it real," and gain value from my practice. Vivek is very down to earth, and understands the real pressures on working professionals, because he has been a manager and operated in a high pressure technology companies for many years!

I am not new to the practice of mindfulness. However, Vivek has a very fresh perspective on how we can apply mindfulness effectively to even high stress consulting situations. We undergo several palpitations as we deal with unique situations most of the time. By implementing mindfulness practices as taught by Vivek, I am confident that we can overcome those small element of stress build up and align our thoughts towards better thinking.

Justin Collard | AVP, AT&T

G. Kali Prasad | Office Managing Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

Vivek Kashyap and Kristina Kashyap from Incompass Effect are seasoned professionals whose commitment and passion shine through their work and presentations. They lead the workshop " Self-Awareness is the Key to Fulfillment " at our yearly townhall .The participants were inspired by the throught provoking ideas on how to create a more purposeful driven career . It was highly rated by the participants.

Rohit Kaushal | Director, Amazon

I participated a few times in the "Mindfulness at Work" sessions that Vivek spearheaded.  It was a nice way to try out mindfulness techniques with an experienced practitioner and an easy way to build community at work with like-minded colleagues.

Nicole Desproges | Sr Director, DirecTV