Yolanda Beckers is the Director of the Healing Quantum Light Center and the Health and Wellness Sanctuary, a non-profit organization. She has created and taught different programs for corporations to initiate a positive change resulting in motivation, purpose and clear decision making. She has studied and is a qualified teacher in Naturopathy, integrative medicine, meditation, and Qigong. Yolanda has taught courses in holistic conflict resolution at the NOVA University. She has also created courses for hospitals and school staff. Her programs have shown to have less sick days, more vitality and energy among the employees after they apply her specific course for better health. Yolanda has been leading workshops in the field of body/mind connection in the United States, France, The Netherlands, Puerto Rico, and Switzerland.

Vivek Kashyap Is A Certified Heart Intelligence Coach who brings clarity and insight into his client’s lives. He has studied and taught meditation for over 25 years and has conducted many programs on: Emotional Mastery, Mindfulness, Stress Reduction, Empathic and Heart Intelligence. Vivek is also a technology professional who works with organizations to help facilitate their journey into Mindfulness, Heart Centered Leadership and Empathic Intelligence. As an experienced manager, he helps leaders increase their effectiveness through enhanced communication skills, enabling them to build more trusting and cohesive teams.He has successfully developed mindful communities, in corporate environments, which have created more open and connected cultures, increased engagement, and inspired innovation.  



Kristina Kashyap is an Entrepreneur, Holistic Health Coach and Author.  Besides running her own businesses, Kristina works in Commercial Real Estate, which has given her insight into essential aspects such as conflict resolution, communication skills and building trust within teams.  Kristina has written countless programs for workshops and seminars which have been known to bring motivation, trust, creativity, clarity and higher work satisfaction.   She has conducted retreats and seminars in many areas of the US, in India and Central America.  Kristina has been teaching meditation for the last 15 years and helps the participants reduce their stress levels by teaching them easy ways to relax and de-stress on a daily basis at work.  


Incompass was created to cultivate more mindful, heart-centered and healthy environments for leaders, employees and teams in the workplace. Calm minds, open-hearts and healthy employees increase productivity, collaboration and innovation. We offer customized self-development programs, which inspire employees to have more awareness of themselves, in all areas, in order to be more effective and successful.

Our team at Incompass have managed their own businesses, non-profits and worked within large corporations.  We are long-time students and teachers of mindfulness, heart-centered and holistic health modalities.  Using an integrative approach to self and organizational development, we inspire growth in four distict areas: Awareness (Mindfulness), Trust (Heart-Centeredness), Purpose (Motivation) and Vitality (Health & Wellness).

We combine these areas of focus to enhance Self-Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, Team Building, Communication, Stress Reduction, Innovative Production and more.

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